Car rental in Agadir

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Car rental in Agadir

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          Agadir is a large modern city in the southern part of Morocco. It is surrounded by the Anti-Atlas, the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic coast with many national parks and isolated beaches that are easily accessible.

          The sun has made Agadir the first tourist destination in Morocco. The beaches and the sun is the perfect combination for all tourists coming from cold countries.

          Agadir is a modern city with wide avenues, flower gardens, superb hotels, an airport and a beautiful harbor, not to mention the beautiful beaches with lively resorts, the corniche that runs along the 16th century’s old Kasbah overlooking the crystal blue waters of the ocean, the colorful valleys of the Great Souss and the slopes of the majestic Anti-Atlas.

          Whether you are traveling by car across the province or having an adventure around the city, renting a car in Agadir will be a good idea. When you sit behind the wheel of your rental car, you can forget hailing taxis and memorizing public transport schedules. Renting a car in Agadir, gives you the freedom to travel when and where you want.

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